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About Occupational Hygiene 

Occupational Hygiene (OH) is the discipline of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the working environment with the objective of protecting worker health and well-being and safeguarding the community at large.

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Occupational Hygiene (OH) Professionals WSQ Framework Details

ESIS Academy offers part-time classes for modules from Occupational Hygiene (OH) Professionals WSQ Framework. Just drop us a line to find out when is the next available date and time for the classes you are interested in. ESIS Academy commits to a maximum class size ratio of 20 students to 1 trainer to ensure the highest quality of delivery of information to the students. The course fees information can be found within the brochure listed above, which includes the registration form. If you are interested, please click to download and sign up with us today!

Occupational Hygiene (OH) Professionals WSQ Framework 

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) have jointly Qualification (WSQ) Framework, in consultation with WSH Manpower, Skills and Training Council (MSTC). The key purpose of the framework is to drive improvements in the Workplace Health (WH) management and raise WH standards through quality professional roles of OH Professionals are to assist employers, occupiers and other stakeholders in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of WH risks at the workplace.

ESIS Academy offers both WSQ Specialist Diploma in Occupational Hygiene Course and Modular Units.

ESIS Academy offers various courses that equip you to be Occupational Hygiene (OH) Professionals. You may choose to obtain full qualification or to enroll in modular training.

Requirement  To  Obtain  Full Qualification

The OH Professionals WSQ Framework consists of a single qualification WSQ Specialist Diploma in Occupational Hygiene (OH), which is 322 hours programme usually conducted over 9 months, 3 days a week and 8 hours a day (registered with CPE) on a part-time course basis.

An individual must successfully undertake the following requirements in order to be awarded WSQ Specialist Diploma in OH:

  • All 8 core units;
  • 2 elective units from Group 1; and
  • 1 elective unit from Group 2

Upon the award of the WSQ Specialist Diploma in OH, learners will be recognized as competent to discharge the duties and responsibilities of an OH Officer.

Enrolling In Modular Training For The Professionals WSQ Framework

Modular training will be made available for most of the 20 units under this framework. As such, individuals can choose to undertake selected units in accordance to their needs. Assessment will be done during class through various methods such as written questioning, written assignment, case studies, practicals, oral questioning, etc. A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded upon successful completion of each unit.

Entry Requirement

The minimum entry requirement admission for WSQ Specialist Diploma in Occupational Hygiene are:

- ES WPLN Level 6, OR Grade C6 in GET 'O' Level for English and Mathematics; AND
- Grade C6 in GCE 'O' Level Science (Chemistry and Physics)
* Candidate with Specialist Diploma in WSH can be exempted from English, Maths and Physics GCE 'O' Level requirements for the WSQ Specialist Diploma in Occupational Hygiene Course

Competency Units Offered By ESIS Academy
Description of
Competency Category
Competency Unit Description
Generic Interpret Basic Workplace Health Practices (OH-GE-501C-1) Covers broad-based foundational knowledge in OH subjects and all the major hazards
Physical Hazards Monitor Noise and Vibration (OH-PH-501C-1) Covers the competencies for measurement of noise exposure at the workplace with the use of appropriate measuring equipment
Physical Hazards Control Noise and Vibration (OH-PH-502C-1) Covers the competencies necessary to control noise and to advise employers and occupiers on noise control under the WSH (Noise) Regulations
Chemical and Biological Hazards Measure Exposure and Assess the Risks due to Hazardous Substances (OH-CB-501C-1) Covers skills and knowledge to evaluate health effects using appropriate sampling equipment to collect samples of airborne contaminants and assessing the associated risks due to the exposure
Evaluate Health Effects due to Hazardous Substances (OH-CB-502C-1) Covers the toxicology principles and health effects which would enable individuals to anticipate health risks and take proactive measures for the prevention of ill health
Manage Hazardous Substances (OH-CB-503C-1) Covers the competencies in identifying the sources of hazardous substances and implementing control measures to manage the associated risks
Human Factors Evaluate Ergonomics-Related Hazards (OH-HF-501C-1) Covers the evaluation methods to be applied in three main areas: Human-Body-Centred, Information-Centred and Organisation-Centred ergonomics
Non-Technical Skills Compose Technical Report (OH-NT-501C-1) Coveres the planning processes, analysis of data and presentation of useful information in a concise and coherent manner that leads to conclusions aligned with the report objectives
 Chemical and Biological Hazards Assess Confined Space for Safe Entry and Work (OH-CB-506E-1) Covers the competencies to obtain representative results for the assessment of atmospheric condition in confined space for safe entry and work
Manage Indoor Air Quality (OH-CB-507E-1) Covers the identification and analysis of indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, the conduct of IAQ audit to measure and assess the situations and the control measures for the mitigation of IAQ issues
Non-Technical Plan, Prepare for and Deliver Presentations (WP-IC-505E-1) Covers the skills and knowledge in the planning, preparation and delivery of presentation

Late fee payment and fee refund policies

Course fees are to be paid by the first lesson of the course. Payment modes include preferred cheque payment written to “ESIS Academy Pte Ltd” or cash. Please note that late fees are subject to 1.5% charge compounded per month.

ESIS Academy will enforce the following for fee refund policy.

  1. Written request received 2 weeks before the commencement of course, 100% refund
  2. Written request received 1 week  before the commencement of course, 50%  refund
  3. Written request received less  than  1 week  before the commencement of course, 0% refund

ESIS Academy will take into consideration any extraordinary circumstances which might result in the absence of a participant.

ESIS Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course due to any unforeseen circumstances. 

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